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THE French demonstrations against same-sex “marriage” represent a profound development — the emergence of a true anti-liberal movement in Europe. Here is more evidence that France is awakening. George Buscemi, at LifeSiteNews, reports on the Antigones, a group of traditional women who’ve named themselves after the Greek mythical heroine who refused to abide by a tyrannical law that kept her from burying her brother. The Antigones specifically oppose the feminist group, FEMEN, whose members appear in public with bared breasts to commit frenzied acts of protest and vandalism.

This is part of the Antigones’ manifesto:

“Femen, you affirm that a woman’s fight is feminist, we say that it is feminine.

“Femen, you affirm that women’s rights are defended with bared breasts, we say that they are acquired through dignity.

“Femen, you affirm that religion is alienation; we say that for many of us it is the way to freedom and self-realisation.

“Femen, you affirm that machismo dominates society and you combat men. We answer that it is only with men that we can truly become women, whole and complete.”

Judging from this report, genuine anti-feminism has gained a voice in France. Needless to say, these lovely women have already been labeled right-wing extremists. Something tells me they will not receive the pervasive coverage accorded FEMEN. We don’t live in an era of outright censorship. The good, the true and the beautiful are just deliberately ignored.
Laura Wood

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