Message to Femen – Text

We are the Antigones, a new online movement. We speak today to the Femen movement. In dialogue, in honesty. Unfortunately, an important line of riot police was there and stopped us from passing… Today I will read a brief text directed at Femen. We have used the only pathway available to us — the Internet.

Femen, you say that the fight for womanhood is feminist. We contest that it is feminine.

You claim that naked boobs will defend the condition of womanhood. We contest that this condition of womanhood is best pursued in dignity.

You claim that religion alienates us. We contest that for many of us it is a path of freedom and self-realisation.

You claim that sexism controls society and that you fight men. We contest that only with men can we be whole women.

You demand equality between the sexes. We contest that the complementarity between men and women alone allows for the splendor of our society.

You are paid to make these claims. We contest that the cause of womanhood is not for sale

You make your case with indignity and violence. We form a bloc, with calm and determination.

I will quote Antigone: « I was not made for your hate, but to be with those I love. »

Did you know that it was Tolstoy who said: « Woman, you hold the regard of the world in your hand. »

So we as the Antigones, have the world in our hand and we reject your feminist rhetoric. We want a society that respects woman and her global scope. Lovers, wives, mothers, and fighters for their cause.

Femen, we have seen you on the television screen. We have tried to be patient and quiet. But you are degrading and we are shocked. We spent seven weeks [in your group] trying to understand you. Now I’ve had enough. I am going to tell you these things, because we aren’t afraid anymore. Today the masks fall, and I gather together all my Antigones. Don’t cheat with us. We, we are women. We are disgusted by your degrading antics. We are disgusted that you dare to speak for women. Not in anger but in sadness I speak today. I am sad for the modern world but especially for the people of France who have been in service to this ideology that you do not relinquish. I have much to say to you. You represent sterile opposition. Your violence prevents any constructive work or any debate. We deplore this. You claim you fight for women but really you fight against them. Look at these women before you, beautiful and elegant. So as of now the use exploitation of women as tools is over!

Femen, femen, Antigone stands before you!


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    Dear Antigones,

    I have a question concerning the following statement: « you are paid to make these claims. We contest that the cause of womanhood is not for sale ». My cousin volunteers as the official photographer of FEMEN-Canada and it seems everybody collaborates on a voluntary basis, without being paid, he also knows the leader of FEMEN who is now in France as she had to escape from her country for being a FEMEN activist, and she receives no money whatsoever. I wonder what kind of payment you are referring to, I would love to know if I am missing on some information.

    I would like to add that if the goal is to improve women conditions, I think it is a pity that women get against each other, form groups and quarrel each other. I understand women don’t all have the same ideas and perceptions but our conditions would be better improved if we could all work together and be united, and surely calling other women « indignate » is not helping.

    Thanks for creating an open debate though.


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